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 Lets see lecturers as stepping stones. My own piece.
RICHIE (male)
 Posted on: Today at 09:36 pm

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My horizon on humanity is enlarged by
reading the writers of poems, seeing a
painting, listening to some music, seeing
some sci-fi movies, some opera, which has
nothing at all to do with a
volatile human condition or struggle or
whatever. It enriches me as a human being.
I'm all literature.
Lecturers are like stepping-stones that bring
you out of the pit of ignorance with a hand
stretch for you to receive; if you accept the
hand, you would be drawn out of the pit. If
you do not, you will be left in its misery and
your choice. The world is like Mask dancing.
If you want to see it well, you do not stand
in one place.
Let embrace knowledge, even if it is making
less sense; no knowledge is a waste. I mean
no knowledge! One of the truest tests of
integrity is its blunt refusal to be
compromised. The roast yam given to the
child by his mother will not burn him.
Procrastination is a lazy man's
apology. Lets make a difference! Lets be a
difference! Lets be the difference!


If you need my attention to your post, do tag me: @Richie.
- best
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