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 WAPKA: Code to design a professional looking wapka registration and login page
RICHIE (male)
 Posted on: Thursday, September 28th, 2017, 10:32 pm

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A professional Wapka registration code.

Login to your wapka Admin mode, click on Edit Site, then select WAP2 mode.

Now Select Style for registration/login, on the new page, now click on the first option Login... and paste the below code then hit on Update style to set.
<div align="center"><font size="5"><h1>MEMBERS LOGIN</h1></font></div> <div class="great"> <div class="lo"><div class=""><div class="stat"><b><p class="reg_notification"> <br/><br/></p></b></div><img src="/img/2652/2652968_303cf7c94f.png" alt="usern" />Username:<br/> <input type="text" name="wu_login"   /><br/> <img src="/img/2652/2652967_bdb21a2982.png" alt="pass" />Password<br/><input type="password" name="wu_heslo"   />  <br/> <input type="checkbox" name="wu_autologin" value="1"  /> <img src="" alt="" />Remember me<br/><input type="submit" name="log_submit" value="Log in" /> </div></div></div><div class="great"><div class=""><div class=""><b><img src="" alt="" /> Not yet a member? <a href="/registration_site.xhtml?do_id=">Register now</a></b></div></div><br/><div class="lo"><img src="" alt="" /> <b>Trouble login in try <a href="/lpass.xhtml">Lost password</a> Option</b></div>

The above wapka login code will allow your users to fill login form and also an option to retrieve/recover forgotten password if lost and also to register if not yet a member on your wapsite.
Now, go back and click on Registration page which is the second option and paste the below code then hit on update style to set as you did in the first.
<div class="lgn">
New User Registration</div>
<div class="sur">
<div class="Header">
Login Name :</div>
::login::<div class="Header">
Password :</div>
::password1::<div class="Header">
Verify password :</div>
::password2::<div class="Header">
::profile::<div class="Header">

The above code will form a professional and nice looking quick registration form on your wapka site.
Now our registration and login page is set but we need to make a registration and login link so as to enable them see the option to register or login on your site.
Credits: Kingsweb.

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- best
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