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 See four (4) words/phrases misused by Nigerians and even the learned, corrections and facts.
RICHIE (male)
 Posted on: Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, 4:17 am

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Some words misused by Nigerians and even the learned.
Copyright : No part of this should be transmitted to an unknown source without prior consent and allowance by the author or acknowledgement. This was written by Richie of Chatinent .
1. And Also.
Sentence example: Go to my house and bring my pen, and also bring my book.
“And also” is redundant; say just “and” or “also.” Using both makes one constructs a bad sentence, or poorly constructed sentence. To attain proficiency in English as language, we must learn to avoid making these types of mistakes.
2. So therefore.
Sentence example: Adding both will equal two, so therefore, we minus.
When "so" and "therefore" are implemented as conjunctions, a choice must be made between them, not using both adjacent to another.
3. Insulting and Insultive. People have lampoooned 'insultive' being a word nut really really, it is a word. When sb uses insulting words on you, they are being insultive. However, do use 'insulting.'
4. You can give me an information. Hello? An information?
You say give me some information or give me a piece of information . Information as a word is an uncountable noun and should be treated as such.

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