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 Having problems with stepmoms? Here are some tips.
RICHIE (male)
 Posted on: Monday, August 28th, 2017, 12:16 am

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Children tend to find it unaccomodating thing to live with step mothers especially when one's biological mother is late. The step mother will then seize the opportunity to invest all her hatred on her stepchild or making the father cause problem on the child that may make them go solemn, weary or even. Let us see if we can help.

Can you have a father-child discussion? If you can,why not talk dad into listening to you onetime at his leisure. If you can't, going even shouldn not be your last resort.

Is any of your mum's relatives aware of this mistreatment? Contact sb, don't die in grace silence.

Pray to your God. Pray to that person who you think has given you life.

Avoid everything that will make you go even with your step mum. Yes, avoid everything that will lead you going fired up with your step mum.
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If you need my attention to your post, do tag me: @Richie.
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