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» See twelve (12) things you must experience while going for the Nigerian military aptitude test; thing to do too.
RICHIE (male)
 Posted on: Wednesday, September 27th, 2017, 12:23 am
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The Nigerian military (be it in air force, navy or army) is a place to be! Well, you are being patriotic and found wanting too.
Though, most times, they are basic requirements depending on the school, for instance, some army schools disallow those with tattoos, flat foot, eye/ear problems,ex-convicts etc. You also, MUST be a Nigerian. Here are twelve few things you must experience and may also avoid the hell part, while going for the Nigerian military aptitude tests:
1. You must run there! How athletic are you? This is a culture you must face! So, if you are planning to wear skirts, dear, start selecting a nice pair of trousers. You will run for about three-four hours approximately.
2. Double Double! This slang is all way energetic meaning you should hasten up while running. In fact, you must always double in anything you do amid the premises.
3. Being like a soldier ant! You must be organized! If you dare bring your 'last-born character' there, dem go humble you. So, start wearing off the grin!
4. You will be searched! Who knows, you might be a terrorist http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif ... So, you must be searched. But, I'm sure, a bullet is always watching everyone from afar.
5. Sit down. No one's going to get you a chair, you must sit on the floor (I mean, you go sit for ground), come rain, come sun, and you dare not take an umbrella or koboko go fall on you.
6. Slapping is a religion there. Be warned, put on your most obedient character.
7. Epilepsy in dust-bin. Many get seizures here. That's a passport to bid you bye.
8. Expo can be peppery. When caught, dear, I just will say: 'I pity you.'
9. Come with all they require. No excuses, just be there with all they asked or don't come at all.
10. If you are supposed to be in Centre A, don't come to Centre B. Yes, go where you are told to go, everything is strict.
11. Don't wear an army camouflage. Haha, they will rain beating on you oo.
12. You must answer every soldier with 'yes sir' : Store this in your memory.
Thanks for reading, you may also like to read Current news about The Nigerian Army Institute of Technology and Environmental Science here as their application is open.

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