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 Comic: See seven (7) things you wouldn't dare do in my wedding day!
Richie (male)
 Posted on: Thursday, October 12th, 2017, 6:04 pm

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Abeg, dear you, see things you must not do (you wouldn't even dare) in my wedding day!
1. Don't dare know me. Babe, if you knew me before, please don't know me again. How can I know you now na? Reason na.
2. Don't laugh too much. Ovasabi, is this your office? Who are you laughing for? Me? Shuu!
3. Don't clap more than my family members! :| Who do you think you are! God baa?
4. Don't dare wear expensive outfit than me. Is it your wedding? Is it your wearing day?
5. Don't dare dance more than me! If you dance more than me on my wedding day, I'd ask the the guards to throw you out; you lack home training,
6. Don't ask me what my bride's name is. Pretender! Don't dare ask me that. Didn't you get the invitation card?
7. Don't you dare know my wife. You want to use this trick to ask me nonsensical tricky questions and use style to hold her waist and do as if you don't know, baa? I hate you. I feel likenyan hitting you with dry bones right away.
Ayaff talk my own, oya talk yours.

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- best
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