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» See four (4) stressed reasons why, as a mother, you shouldn't bring a househelp
RICHIE (male)
 Posted on: Tuesday, September 5th, 2017, 11:15 am
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Copyright: No part of this should be transmitted to an unknown source without prior consent and allowance by the author or acknowledgement. This was written by Richie of Chatinent.
In most countries, sixty-one percent of married women bring in house helps into their home. There is good in bringing house help to your home, however, there is more harm than good. Let's point out some of the sour part of bringing house helps into your matrimonial home, to perhaps, escape your rightful duties as mother, and inversely, a wife.
1. Whose kids. Most mothers will use subterfuges that they are the working-class and have less time to care for their children and that was what arose the need for a house help. As a mother, your job should not be a hindrance to your upbringing of a (your) child. If the job becomes too disturbing, find a better one that may spare you time. At least, you may work during school hours or better still, be self employed. These children at tender age need more of mum.
2. Kids on market. Yes, I liken it to putting your kids for sale and when the best bidder rides by, you will be sorry for yourself. Go into the internet and see what house helps do to their boss' kids and how they ruin the family. So far, they are the ones responsible feeding the kids while you are away, and even your husband, maybe. I wonder, how do you think sb would feel seeing another as superior over her when the keys to unlock superiority over the latter lies awake in her hands?
3. My husband, your husband. Ha ha, it's not funny but you may already be thinking what I'm thinking; you are away for about nineteen hours in twenty-four hours and your house help is twenty-four hours with the kids and husband. What do you think wud happen when your husband needs you and.., he can't even find you around his every needs? Don't be surprise to return one day to notice that your house help is now the house wife (because that's what you made her) and you, become the house maid.
4. Who mothers the children and murders the real motherhood. Truth has it that a child's bond to their mother starts from childhood, don't sell it because of a job you could retain when lose but can not recover that bond when unattended to.
My advice to women is, they should drive steering clear of house helps and build their family as they want. The phrase 'had I known' is usually you knowing and hiding the truth afore now. Be wise, be discreet, be decisive, so you won't be chasing monkeys and lose the bananas.

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