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» See eight (8) ways on how to be a better father.
RICHIE (male)
 Posted on: Wednesday, September 27th, 2017, 8:22 pm
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My dear man,

A good father is liken to a good shepherd who takes care and carries all his sheep along not letting one behind or feel dejected. A good father is known for protection, food provision and care.
Here are few ways to becoming a better father:
1. What does the family need? Be there to always sign-in all your family needs. What do my kids need? What do my precious kids really want? What do I do to make them see me as responsible?
Table these things out and try to sort ways to answering their needs.
2. Are my flock lagging behind? Regularly, do a random check if there is any among your flock needing the shepherd's care. This will ensure them that they have a shepherd who cares.
3. The mother of my flock. Don't you forget this lady. Privately, you may give a scrutiny of what she might be lacking and provide them, even going extra miles asking her. Make her the only gold no other man can afford, make her unique; believe you me, every mother is worth it.
4. Funds! House-rents, school fees and all that, funds! Make a budget, keep money in advance for more important things than on irrelevancies.
5. Spend time together. Spend time together with your wife and kids: go on vacations, picnics, amusement parks! Set a time for relaxation! In fact, I'm beginning to feel jealous! Hey you, don't forget to call your wife endearing names.
6. A life minus beating your wife. No human owns the life of another because you cannot make life. Beating your wife (thinking you are correcting her wrongdoing) does not make you a teacher, to yourself, and your children! This is being irresponsible.
7. Do not yell at your wife amid your kids. It explains itself. It does not make you a disciplinenarian; it indeed, makes you fool's shadow.
8. Correcting protocol. There are politer ways to correct your wife. Assuming your dog poos in the kitchen, rather than yelling and renaming her to insulting words, you could, be politer: 'honey, seems Bingo has a runny stomach, come check this out.'
So reader, maturity is not always rated by age, at times, by brain - Richie.

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- best
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