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» Five (5) ways to move on after being a victim of rape in Nigeria.
RICHIE (male)
 Posted on: Tuesday, October 17th, 2017, 7:11 am
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Rape is a forceful act of having sex without being consented by the latter (the victim).
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Rape can make someone solemn. Who won't be solemn when sth was forcefully taken off you? http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif
What people said:

"When I was eight, my uncle assaulted me and told me to keep mute. I've kept this a secret till now. He's married now thought I still feel guilty and insecure to bring him to book." - Folake *
(you may also want to read things to do before or after if you are a victim of incest.)

"I cannot forget the day some guys waylaid me in PortHarcourt and raped me. All my screaming seemed every human was siding against me." - Goodness
"I remember my lone stories how some robbers teamed up and raped every girl in our lounge in school." - Adaku.
1. Share your burden with a bosom somebody. In recent times, that saying: ' problem shared is problem solved ' has gone sour, to an extent, we now believe a problem shared is going to make you a bad celebrity to all, I mean every ear who heard it. Moreover, there are still some 'human beings.' They may be your aunt, a bosom friend, or a diary (as people prefer). Share it, table it to that sorts of relevance, as the pain must be too heavy to bear alone. Count it as what you stumbled upon.
2. Report it to relevant persons, or group of persons. Rape in Nigeria, is contrary to the law. Raping sb is dehumanizing them, and a punishable offence. Report it to relevant authorities.
3. Doctor calls. Visit a medical doctor (not a chemist shop) to conduct test. Who knows? There may be sth more.
4. Decipher. Stick to sniffing out what possibly could have led to your being raped. Is it indecency? The company you keep? The place you go to? Being in the wrong place in wrong hour? Or possibly, being in the right place in wrong hour? Is it your tongue? What you said? Do a research to enable you alter some of your behavioural dilemma.
5. Learn. In its apogee, learn. http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif Learn from yourself. Experience, they say is a motivation! You wouldn't want to do two negative things in a row and expected a positive outcome, would you? Well, here is a story written by me that you may find helpful to keep your mind filming.
Quote. Rape may be a pain, judge your mistakes and share your formulae, and let your pain be levelled low. With time, with times, you will comfort yourself, 'cos no one will comfort you better than you. - Richie.
*_names have been changed.

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- best
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