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Chatinent Naija > GENERAL DISCUSSION > If my girlfriend was raped and impregnated should we abort the child!

Posted by: Didi Monday, August 14th, 2017, 7:54 pm
GF was raped and impregnated should we abort?


(+59...5 Girlie) asks: if my girlfriend was raped and impregnated �� should we abort the child?


Unless you strongly believe that abortion is a sin, yes, didi recommends aborting the child as quickly as possible, if you have legal access to abortion where you live. Your girlfriend should not have to endure 10 months of pregnancy and giving birth against her will, following the trauma of rape.

Posted by: Daplexy Monday, October 23rd, 2017, 2:55 pm
Good day
If my girlfriend was raped and impregnated should she abort it
We are in a world that is fill with evil people, so we must be very cautious of everything and also tread carefully. Rape refers to forcing someone to do something (sexual intercourse) against their will.
As evil as the world is technology has expose Us to various things so we must also know the precautions to take when some things are not rightly done.
I am totally against abortion because it can create a permanent scar that is more painful than the scar from the rape case. As a victim of rape the first thing to do after the incident is to go to the hospital to see a doctor not a "chemist" So that proper test can be carried out and such a victim will be treated for various kind of things ranging from infection to cleaning of the womb. This immediate treatment will protect the lady from infection and agony of carrying an unwanted pregnancy.
But since the rape victim didn't go for proper check up after the rape and it has turn to pregnancy, i will advise that the pregnancy is left to develop to full term. If the lady decides to go for abortion at this stage so many things can go wrong ranging from
Loss of womb
Death etc
So i think it's safer to just endure the pain and carry the pregnancy to term, though it's unwanted.

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