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» The busy-babies in the Nigerian political electric city - Richie.
RICHIE (male)
 Posted on: Sunday, October 15th, 2017, 12:03 pm
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Theme: The bush-babies in the Nigerian electric city.
Focus: Nigerian epileptic system of electricity.
Country: Nigeria user posted image
We have grown up to think that Nigeria, really cannot be unbroke. Yearly, there is an agenda tagged 'vision 20'20', 'vision that' and 'vision this' yet of what profit has it yielded? There was a time we had hope. That hope got pregnant and was delivered of two daughters; the lady Reason and the lady Lesson.
* The Lady Reason. She brought up many reasons why we know the chances of fulfilling those promises were slim.
* The Lady Lesson. She taught us what the lady Lesson foresaw.
Do you think it is difficult for Nigeria to have a standby electricity supply? No, it isn't. However, corruption has grown horns. The power holding companies use the name 'power supply' to become overnight billionaires. In some African countries I've been to, Togo to quote, there wasn't a power failure for once during my three-month'stay. They had this meter you have to recharge. No power supply officials disturb you as they do here, you pay as you use (the meter reads your total appliances and calculates). If you chose not to pay, it's your business, anytime you redecide, you go and pay.
How do we know they are corrupt?

Oh they are! They collect million naira bills from large firm and organizations and supply them an almost uninterrupted power, however, you and I use a candle light. Are these people not hell citizens? Is the federal government not aware of these? Perhaps, they couldn't care less, when they are aired by air-conditioner and standby generators 24/7.
Here is a quote from a publisher in the New York Times:
'The NEPA people came the other day. Actually, their official name has changed, but NEPA — an acronym for the utility formally known as the National Electric Power Authority — is easier to say and jibes so well with our expectations: Never Expect Power Always.
Though the organization is now called the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, the new name doesn’t work as an acronym, though its initials, P.H.C.N., are popularly agreed to stand for: Problem Has Changed Name.
I had been expecting them. They come about once a month, a van containing a crew of four or five guys, going from house to house, ready to cut off your power if you lack proof that your payments are up to date — and turn it back on for an $8 reconnection fee, or any reasonable under-the-table amount. Alas, I was in arrears.
I owed several months for the electricity they had barely been providing. Even though about 85 percent of Nigeria’s urban areas and 30 percent of rural areas are on the power grid — the result of years of government monopoly and its attendant corruption — the supply is intermittent at best. I’ve been getting about three hours a day, if lucky, and even then rarely at a stretch. Sometimes you don’t get any power for three or four days. Like many people here, I rely on a private generator to bridge the gaps.
Is this not corruption being the jungle king? We call on FG to rebrand the system of power supply and other separate bodies ensuring they check and balance what must be done, even if with an 'anaconda dance II.' Well, since the bodies that were suppose to model a rightful path to eradicating corruption are also corrupt, which blind man would lead another blind man?

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If you need my attention to your post, do tag me: @Richie.
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