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Saturday, July 21st, 2018, 2:42 am
Currently, there are seven(7) faculties in NAUB and they include;
*.Military Technology
*.Environmental Studies
*.Administration and Management Studies
*.Social Sciences
*.Military Policy, Logistics, and Strategy.

These faculties offer regular courses just like most universities in Nigeria. However, the faculty of Military technology offers more military-related courses like;
*.Explosives Technology
*.Pattern Recognition & Intelligent System Technology etc

The university will award B.Tech. and B.Scdepending on the department.
Saturday, July 21st, 2018, 2:35 am
Many countries have one form of military university or the other in accordance with their needs. Examples of these are as follows:
a. The Army Institute of Technology (AIT), Pune, India is an engineering college meant only for the wards of Army personnel and run by the Indian Army Welfare Education Society. The President of the Board of Governors is the Chief of Army Staff.
b. Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) University, Munich (Germany). One of only two federal research universities founded in 1973 as part of the German Armed Forces. It was initially established to offer civilian academic education to military officers; however it now admits civilians and international students. It has a well established scientific research facilities and forms part of Germany's two Excellence Clusters of the German's government's university Excellence Initiative.
c. Military University of Science and Technology (MIST), Bangladesh. MIST is the pioneer Technical Institute of the Bangladesh Armed Forces is the pioneer Institut
Saturday, July 21st, 2018, 2:33 am
NAUB will be a centre of excellence for learning, research and technological development which is consistent with the compelling requirements of 21st Century armies that strive to conceive, develop and source their military platforms and other requirements locally. As a solution centre, the university will promote self-sufficiency, self-reliance, excellence, ingenuity, creativity and distinctive competence in intellectual output.
a. Will be a research intensive university.
b. Expected to become the first green university in Africa with the planting of 10-15 million trees.
c. Every student, lecturer and worker in NAUB will be expected to plant at least 10 trees per year as part of the institution's green canopy project.
d. Admission structure will comprise 75% civilian and 25% military and paramilitary.
e. Will serve as a production hub for ICT and solar accessories in the North East, Nigeria and eventually West Africa.
d. Students and lecturers will be expected to initiate and nurture at least one innovative project to a useable product annually.
e. NAUB will hold an annual military/commercial product fare annually to showcase innovative products by students and lecturers.
f. Will regularly attract Nobel prize winners as mentors for students and lecturers alike.
g. Will assist Biu community to become a centre of production and learning.
h. Will create the critical mass for military equipment production in Nigeria.
i. Expected to becom
Saturday, July 21st, 2018, 2:28 am
Funding of the University will be from the following sources:
a. Statutory budget allocation as aPublic University.
b. Funding support from the NA Welfare Holdings Limited.
c. Grants and Loans from internal and external sources such as arranged with multi-nationals and financiers; e.g. Clever House, Beligetto, SAMA International, etc. However this will be subject to proper due diligence.
d Support from various state governments: some states have pledged to assist in the construction of hostels, library, etc.
e. Support from legislators: some have expressed the willingness to assist to build some structures.
f. Support from Tetfund once FEC approval is obtained.
g. Funds from the proposed University holdings comprising, 19 companies as follows:
(1) NAUB Bio-Technology Centre Ltd
(2) NAUB Solar Factory Ltd
(3) NAUB Innovation Centre Ltd
(4) NAUB Silicon Technology Centre Ltd
(5) NAUB Agro-Allied Farms Ltd
(6) NAUB Military Technology Equipment Development Centre Ltd
(7) NAUB Properties Ltd
(8) NAUB Printing and Publishing Company Ltd
(9) NAUB Technical Workshops Ltd
(10) NAUB Armament Research, Trial and Development Centre Ltd
(11) NAUB Economic Plants and Afforestation Ltd
(12) NAUB Water Bottling Company Ltd
(13) NAUB Packaging Company Ltd
(14) NAUB Hotels Management Ltd
(15) NAUB Logistics Transport and Haulage, Ltd
(16) NAUB oil and Gas Ltd
(17) NAUB International Venom Centre
(18) NAUB International Military Museum Ltd
(19) NAUB Venom Centre Ltd
Saturday, July 21st, 2018, 2:26 am
The admission policy is based on 75% civilians and 25% military/para military, security agencies, etc; the 75% civilian component will be spread to all the 36 states of the Federation as well as FCT
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