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46 minutes ago
North Bank, Makurdi — A military officer attached to the 72 Special Forces Battalion has been killed by warring cultists in the North Bank (Near Nasme Barrack) area of Makurdi town, Tuesday.
Another man (name withheld) was also killed in the cult war.
Vanguard gathered from a resident in the area that the cult gangs that engaged each
other in a fight in Yogbo Road area of North
Bank, also injured several persons.
He said: “It all started around 9p.m., when we noticed some armed young men believed to be members of cult groups
moving around Yogbo area and attacking those suspected to be members of rival cult
“There was pandemonium as people ran for their lives. The entire area was thrown into
fear because we have a high number of cult gangs in North Bank and it seemed security
personnel find it difficult to tackle the menace.
“A particular young man was attacked with machetes and left in a pool of blood, but he later died before any help could reach him.
“The gangs also erroneously waylaid and shot a military officer, who was on his way to work.
“His colleagues were alerted of the incident, but by the time they got to the scene, he had already lost so much blood. They took him to the hospital where he finally gave up the ghost.
“Angered by the death of their colleague, soldiers from the Battalion condoned off the
area in search of the masterminds of the attack.
“Their action forced a sudden closure of the popular North Bank markets, while all residents have been forced to remain indoors, as the soldiers patrol the nooks and
crannies of the area.”
Efforts to reach the Commander of the 72 Special Forces Battalion, Lt. Col. Suleman Muhammad and Benue State Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, failed as they
did not pick calls to their phones.
Today at 10:02 pm
The students of Naites Biu returned this evening in solemnity after been thrashed to a 5 - 2 match by a neighbouring team. The first half, the opponents scored a 3 to nil against the Naites team and during the second phase of the match, they made it five, even wanting si and Naites struggled to score 2.
More info later.
Today at 09:38 pm
© Richie Jay
Gentlemen, grab a seat, let me tell you a story.
Story story...
In a country, in a city, in a home will emerge sb who wants to serve for the lands, the practice of military. He goes to buy the form. He applies. He is shortlisted. He goes to get screened. Successfully, he is recruited. He is yet to undergo training. Then he...... Hmm.
(sips my cup of tumbo to two swallows)
The training date is pronounced. He gets all rudiments ready and prays to pass out alive. The training has begun. It was a living hell. It was tougher enough to imagine. Shouting, discipline to the core, flogging, bleeding, recruits dying -- such memory. Such bitter guts! Such had-they-knowns! He passes out after many months; such sweet sorrow! He wears the khaki and sees its spirits. 'Assumptions' now are dead. His prayers have been registered, he thought; 'he don make am.' He is posted to a unit to serve. Thence, he is shifted to terrorism dwelling place. In a bullet exchange, he sees plenty of his regulars fall -- they are dead, and lifeless. He is going to see them no more.
(drinks my wine again to four mouthful)
His heart skips many beats that he may not see his loved ones again; that the ambulance might be his next transport. Is this really worth the blind bullet? Many voices in his head. He struggled. Morale is higher but spirit is scared to go to the greater beyond. He held unto his rifle as though, his chi. Like the saying, if one agrees, his chi agrees too. He held his rifle so tight like it was his chi and if he didn't hold so tight, it would leave him any sooner. The enemies are out of sight. The troop falls back as some took cover.
(coughs, coughs.)
They were many casualties. Oh no, there is a sniper from the enemy team and he is positioned and.... Poooooooow! It is his neck. He bleeds and struggles for survival. Survival is golden this time. As he falls to the ground, his rifle leaves his hands to the ground, as though his chi has left him. He bleeds more. Cover.
He was trying to.., to.., to utter some words but.., but.., he is dead. He is gone. There he is lying lifeless. 'Tis lachrymal and impossicant to just die like a fowl. So inhumane. Many a man fighting for all. One minute alive, one minute dead.

This is the Joy of SoldierHood.


Joyful, isn't it? Such irony!

Gentlemen, when you sleep, they are awake. When you cry for newer cloths, they hunger for life. You wake up to the sounds of butterflies; they wake to gun shots. You are given a befitting burial; when dead, maybe after a war, fighting for you, they are wrapped in lining.
I rest my pen to the painful pages on my book wet in tears.
Today at 09:36 pm
My horizon on humanity is enlarged by
reading the writers of poems, seeing a
painting, listening to some music, seeing
some sci-fi movies, some opera, which has
nothing at all to do with a
volatile human condition or struggle or
whatever. It enriches me as a human being.
I'm all literature.
Lecturers are like stepping-stones that bring
you out of the pit of ignorance with a hand
stretch for you to receive; if you accept the
hand, you would be drawn out of the pit. If
you do not, you will be left in its misery and
your choice. The world is like Mask dancing.
If you want to see it well, you do not stand
in one place.
Let embrace knowledge, even if it is making
less sense; no knowledge is a waste. I mean
no knowledge! One of the truest tests of
integrity is its blunt refusal to be
compromised. The roast yam given to the
child by his mother will not burn him.
Procrastination is a lazy man's
apology. Lets make a difference! Lets be a
difference! Lets be the difference!
Saturday, July 14th, 2018, 3:03 pm
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