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 How to get garri from cassava
RICHIE (male)
 Posted on: Friday, September 1st, 2017, 10:47 am

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Garri is the most widely eaten meal in Nigeria. It isn't advertised on any social media but it sells more than any product. Cassava can be used to do many things. Read on how to get fufu from cassava.
  • After you must have harvested your cassava, peel your desired quantity.
  • Wash the tubers of cassava and grind (grinding her doesn't mean using a mortal or pestle. There exist a particular machine used for grinding tubers of cassava. If you don't know it, please ask neighbours how and where you could grind the cassava; they would direct you to the person who does grinds).
  • Now, pour the ground tubers of cassava into a sack with the aim of squeezing water out of it. Really press the bag with *its engine.
  • Leave it in the engine for 22 - 27 hours so it could really press out water and get drier.
  • After it has got dried, remove the garri from sack and filter separating chaff from the powder contents.
  • Pour powdery content (pour the quantity you can stir) into a frying pan powered by a stove or cookery then stir.
  • Stir until garri gets stiffen and dried. Your garri is ready when stiffen.To make the red-coloured garri, add a little quantity of red oil into the pot while still stirring the garri.

    * - there is an engine used to press water out of the garri. Ask if there is anyone who could direct you to one, or also ask how the locally stick-to-stick press-er is constructed using sticks.

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