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 Ten (10), things you must know as a gallant Nigeria soldier, be you a sapper.
Richie (male)
 Posted on: Sunday, October 1st, 2017, 9:22 am

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As a Nigerian soldier, you must know these few things so you would not be seen as Nkechi or the bastard!
1. Endurance. As a sapper, be you cadet or recruit, you must learn to endure pains. Mama and papa no dey here o, so, don't be Nkechi.
2. Discipline. The major criterion military schools bank on is discipline. You must make a good disciplinarian.
3. There's no brother in the jungle. There exist none, you are on your own.
4. Gallantry; identity. Be you gallant!
5. No dey assume. As a cadet, a new sapper, no dey assume. If you see your senior soldiers, twale! If possible, wet ground. Don't you let the Khaki or Indian Delta enter your head. Every fuck-up must be treated.
6. Humble yourself. Gentleman, this is a key to succeeding. Always humble yourself. If you fuck up, uniform guys go clear your doubts.
7. No chaos your senior by nyashing en dolphin. Better ascertain which girl you make your friend, don't dare date a girl or soldier girl who has a senior soldier boyfriend. Be warned, your body go tell you.
8. No retreat, no surrender. Don't be a bastard soldier. That's where Part One and Two come in. It's simple; there is no going back!
9. Let them discover you. Don't try to let people see you as a soldier, let them discover you, that's where the respect lies.
10. If you belonged already, seal it for later later. If you belong somewhere prior to legit military things afore now, never show yourself, some schools go end your career for guard room, or, you don lost.

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