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Chatinent Naija > GENERAL DISCUSSION > There exist friends over blood.

Posted by: Richie Monday, May 7th, 2018, 9:27 pm
There is this saying that says: 'give a man a fish and feed him for that day, teach him to fish and feed him forever.' But there exist people who will give you a fish then teach you to fish. In the sphere we dwell, if you have found people who are more likely than brothers, then, that is family too.
Not to put all the eggs in one basket, however, amid these friends too, scrutinize and sieve the bad eggs. Don't you ever let a good friend go. When you have found sb good, stop looking for sb better.
To the unworthy eggs, seek redemption; become who you were before you met them because this sphere is too short to gorge on bad eggs inasmuch as we will only get two things outta this life: a PERSON for life, or a LESSON for life.

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