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The Mod CP (assistance for moderators and co-administrators)
    Th Mod CP stands for Moderation Control Panel. It is where moderator's most abilities are situated. Every moderating staffs like moderators, admins have the Mod CP (moderator control panel)
    The menu of the Mod CP is tabled like:
    * Forums & Posts
    * Moderation Queue
    * Reported Posts
    * Moderator Logs
    * Prune Posts
    * Manage Users
    * Edit Members
    * Warn Panel
    * Warn Logs
    * IP Tools
    * Validation Bin
    Let's explain them.
    Forums & Posts
    * Moderation Queue: The moderation queue has to do with anything needing a moderator's view. Especially, members or posts/topics that needs a moderator to view it before it is posted or members who are on ban and are being  watched. Watched here meant, watching what they post. You will have to approve or delete things on moderation queue.
    * Reported Posts: This part contains reported things; especially, topics and posts. When a topic or post need moderation, you will get alerted, then you will have to open and view full report, you would see everything about the report and who reported, and reason why they reported; if it's a topic or post, a link to it will be generated, sth like 'post #495.' Click on it, it will take you to the direct post needing moderation. Check if the post contradicts our rules, if it does, delete it, and give required penalty to poster (if the post contains nudity or inapt adverts, or hardcore wrong contents). After you delete it, come back to the Mod CP, make it as done and write a follow-up note of what you did and what the post was all about and what rule it contradicted. If it does not contradict any rule, do nothing. Still go back to the Mod Cp, to that report and mark it as invalid.

    * Moderator Logs: This contains every moderating log. There's nothing you can do here.

    * Prune Posts: This part contains moving and deleting irrelevant topics or posts, by a member or from forum. (Ask questions before handling anything here, or possibly, do nothing).

    Manage Users

    * Edit Members: Here, you may edit members. Enter a member username and edit their account. Please note, you only edit members on two occasions:
    - those who requested their account details on particular fields  be edited.
    - those who use avaters containing nudity. Do not alter any other thing. (Remember, anything you do is logged).

    Warn Panel: You can warn/ban users here who contradict our rules. Enter the member username , then either choose to increase warn bar or decrease it. You will also see the percentage of their ban bar and if the member has been warned before by another member of the staff.
    - Here, you may enforce moderator(s), including you,  preview of all new posts.
    - You may also enable Moderator Preview posts and topics indefinitely
    or for a set time.
    - You may disable this member's posting ability or disable indefinitely, 
    or for a particular time set by you.
    (Note: if you are banning posting rights for a period of a particular time, do NOT click 'indefinitely')

    - you may also suspend member's account for period of time. (depending on the gravity of offence).

    You may move member's account to the Banned group. (if you move the person to this group, you don't need to set any other thing above, the person is banned from everything;) they cannot even enter the forum.)

    Reason for this warn adjustment.

    # This section must be completed #
    - you must write the reason for whatever you do here.
    Email/PM subject
    This place, you must find a medium to message the person that they are banned for a period of time or indefinitely via email or PM. 
    You may also choose to leave blank to not contact the member. However, if you moved the person to the banned group, you must use this form to contact tell only via email.
    After all, click on
    'Alter Warn Level' to process it.

    * Warn Logs: This contain all warn logs. Any thing you do is logged.

    * IP Tools: The following options are available to you:

    - ResolveIP Address: This option will allow you to look up an IP address for more information (note, you must enter all 4 parts of the IP address to use this tool)

    - Find Postswith this IP: This option will run a search for all posts associated with this IP address
    - Find members who registered with this IP: This tool will run a seach for all members who registered with the entered IP address

    Please Note: You may enter a wildcard '*' (without quotes) as the last part of the IP address.
    For example, 127.*.*.* will match all IP address that start with 127.
    127.1.0.* will match all IP addresses that start with 127.1.0.
    An error will occur if you attempt to use a wildcard in the middle of the IP address. For example, 127.*.0.1 will return an error.

    * Validation Bin: This place is where you validate members who had problems in  registration. If there is a member, you will see the alert. You only approve/deny or delete validation request here.